Stephen Maglio, of The World Takes, Opening for John Doe on Dec 11, 2017

Stephen Maglio, of The World Takes will be the opening act for John Doe at the Boot and Saddle. He will be performing songs from TWT's upcoming release Goodbye Dolly, as well as previous releases. He'll accompany John Doe on a few songs during his set. John will perform solo renditions of songs from his latest album, The Westerner, along with selections from his entire career.


The World Takes is in the Studio

In the Summer 2017 The World Takes started recording what will be their 3rd release Goodbye Dolly.The upcoming release will feature Stephen Maglio, Jim Stager and DJ Bonebrake.


What others are saying about Love Songs for eX's

"Either this guy has a serious vision for his music or he has absolutely no fucking idea what he's doing." Dave Pirner - Soul Asylum

"When i heard these three were making a record i knew it was going to be amazing and it is - ridiculously amazing!"
Syd Straw - The Golden Palominos 

"Holds up with [Alex) Chilton - my favorite songwriter" Monte Wilkes (FOH engineer The Replacements, Nirvana, Prince, The Smithereens. In recent years, The Scissor Sisters, The B-52’s, Jessica Simpson and R. Kelly)

"what the hell is that???" Gregory Sabatino

"i [absolutely] LOVE IT" -  Amy Hoffman DJ KFAI Minneapolis MN





What SoupCon had to say about The World Takes recent appearance sheds light on the subject. Stephen Maglio is no stranger to being part of a happening scene.  His travels and skills as a musician have landed him on stage next to other great artists including members of R.E.M., Huffamoose, The Dead Milkmen, Syd Straw, and the legendary L.A. punk band, X -- to name a few.  To our delight, he will grace our "stage" this Monday.  It means a lot that out of all the venerable scenes Stephen has been a part of, he tells us that we've got something very special here at Soupcon and in the area.

Playing with Jim Stager (past bassist for Huffamoose) and DJ Bonebrake (of X), I have no idea what The World Takes will do on Monday night.  However, I don't really need to.  Let's just say the guy knows what he's doing.  His lyrics are simultaneous humorous and serious, his hands skate across genres, and he plays the elements of surprise and contrast at just the right moments.  Their music is in a class of its own and any comparison is done with trepidation.  So really, you just need to come see for yourself.

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emmylouAn often-cited definition of music, coined by Edgard Varèse, is that it is "organized sound" (Goldman 1961, 133). The fifteenth edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica describes that "while there are no sounds that can be described as inherently unmusical, musicians in each culture have tended to restrict the range of sounds they will admit.". - "NOT US", ("well maybe sometimes"), The World Takes.